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for your DJ:

We want your experience with our website to be as enjoyable and easy as possible . Want an instant "2 minute are we available" call? Reach me by cell 480-234-3181  OR use the "contact form" to get your DJ Date Reserved! . To make things clear and user-friendly, we have listed the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in one concise section. Have a look at our FAQs below and get in touch by phone OR email contact form if you need any additional information.



for your DJ:

Frequently Asked  Questions to ask ANY DJ:  and  my answers too!

 (Call me first or Call Me Last, just call me and unless I’m at another DJ event like I am most Friday Saturday PMs, YES I will pick up!) 

ARE YOU READY TO BOOK 480-234-3181? Call now and let's get your  and have your “EVENT DATE SET”


The biggest "FAQ" is price and Yes, I have pricing options to fit most any budget but EVERY event is UNIQUE : We do  
“Simple Receptions for 30 guests” to “Super formal Weddings for 300+” options and pricings are based on “how much gear and setup time” we bring vs. “Per Hour”. 

(To make it simple, I  charge by the Event, not per hour so you get an “out the door” predictable pricing solution). 

FYI, a year ago, my best friend from Colorado had a Daughter get married in Denver which is a market with a "shortage" of good wedding DJs(Did you know that Denver, CO has MORE young professional couples PER CAPITA then any other metro in USA!) You know now! 


THIS IS a lists of questions to ask BEFORE HIRING ANY DJ in any market:

(FYI DJ Daniel’s answer to all these questions is YES ABSOLUTELY in ALL CAPS but I’m not shouting, I’M JUST PROUD to say I DO and to be YOUR DJ !) 

  • Will you be willing to play requests and discuss music ahead of time? (DJ DANIEL says YES)

  •  Do you use current Professional Pro Audio  Equipment?  (DJ DANIEL says YES and FYI At all events,  whether a 30 guest backyard wedding or 300+ attendee corporate event we rotate our pro gear that is UNDER warranty modern reliable gear)

  • Do you bring backup equipment at my event just in case of a microphone/laptop/speaker outage? (DJ DANIEL says YES we travel with a “backup”  speaker and your Music requests backed up on 2nd Digital Device in case laptop fails)

  • By request, with DJ Daniel you can also upgrade to a “second audio system” if we are planning an  “outdoor ceremony” with “indoor reception” immediately following

  • Does the Disc Jockey have the steady hand from performing as DJ/MC several events every month, or do they have a muffled voice into the microphone and get nervous when they DJ a once in a lifetime event 2-3 times per year? (DJ DANIEL says YES & DJ Daniel performed 100+ Weddings & Corporate Events in 2021 and 2022. We DJ every week and update music to please our clients with proven songs that work in all genres. Get the reliability of an event pro with the steady hand of MC Announcements audibly and confidently on microphone.)

  • Before you book with deposit, does your DJ provide a detailed written quote about date, times, and  written terms of what they are providing and their time needed for load in, tear down and or “Pre event” planning directly with client? (DJ DANIEL says YES all terms, and pricing are clear and in writing direct to your email and you can even BOOK off that same form quote with a click to pay secure online deposit OR call me to book with credit card over the phone at 480-234-3181)

  • Does DJ have 5 star online reviews or other stellar references? (DJ DANIEL says YES) Ask for a link to our 5 star online references at and sites are like YELP for wedding vendors like DJs, caterers, florists, musicians etc etc) READ OUR ONLINE REVIEWS at LINKS BELOW



  • Is your DJ insured as a Business and have $1mil plus Proof of DJ Insurance that Many Venues require including Hotel Ballrooms, Private Wedding Venues and more? (DJ DANIEL says YES)

  • (FYI, most Marriott, Hilton,and other Wedding Venue properties won’t even let me unload speakers until I provide my written proof of DJ Business Insurance, which is just one of the reasons I carry it) Even your "Uncle" who let you borrow his large backyard or acreage for your wedding will be more confident having a DJ for your event with business insurance!

  • Does your DJ have a computger based catalog with updated current music and classics both in all genres? (DJ DANIEL says YES to updated weekly CD quality Laptop based catalog)

  • I, DJ Daniel believe that every event and customer  and their friends and families are UNIQUE. Because I will be DJing YOUR “once In a lifetime event”,  I converse with YOU and your “Must play songs” and “preferred music styles/artists/genres” for every event with music to YOUR taste.  In addition, I LOVE requests  AND I also have 10 million plus songs in all Genres on my CD quality Laptop Based Music Library. I spin:

  • Today’s Hits

  • to Pop Rock from the last 6 Decades

  • Modern and Classic Country

  •  and I love old school and modern Hip Hop.

  • By request, I also have Spanish songs including Cumbias, Reggaetons, Bachata, & More. 

  • What does a DJ cost ? Rates for mobile event DJs(including Pro Mobile DJ Gear, Microphones and Lights)  vary greatly, ranging from $450.00 for a “uninsured Novice DJ” playing their physical CD  “300 song catalog”  for a small backyard party with 30 guests to over $5,000.00 for an Experienced Event Pro  DJ  for a very formal large Wedding  bringing multiple speakers and extra gear for 300 guests OR MORE.  As of 2021,  Here in AZ, FYI, the average DJ price across the board is around $1,500.00 for a 4 hour booking. A full-service disc jockey company will normally invest 12 to 30 hours to your special event but it may appear that you are only paying for “4 hours”. Consultations, music planning & editing, preparation, set-up and tear-down of hundreds of pounds of professional DJ gear, travel and drive time mileage, education and other business related endeavors add up to the overall success of your special occasion.

  • Call me Right Now for More info OR if you have your “Event Date set” call me to BOOK at 480-234-3181.

  • I take pride in every single DJ event I perform at and make it ABOUT YOU! Most DJ’s just “show up” and press play and do little planning for each event. I pride myself on “reading the crowd” and “making the music” entertain YOUR crowd and reflect YOUR vision at 100s of  Mobile Once in a Lifetime events all over Arizona. No matter the type of  event, I take pride in making the crowd entertained and the fun of the night along with  classy announcements to YOUR taste: 

  • My formula for DJ Event Success is NOT a secret: 

  • Read my reviews and know that I got those 5 star accolades from real customers by: 

  • Implementing Your Music Requests Ideas As You and your friends and family Desire(and communicating with you well before & during your Event about your music and announcements so the night goes awesome) .

  • By request,  will the DJ help with not just music and announcements but Event & Wedding Planning PDF Forms as “ songs and timeline” Tools(hey, 50%+ of my Brides and Corporate events do NOT have a Paid “Event Coordinator” so having me help as event pro is invaluable. (Do you have an Event Planner with an event plan &  timeline and just need me to play music or announcements based on their plan,  I SAY YES To that too!)

  • • I have Proven music formats in several genres(and often spin music in multiple Genres) to YOUR Taste.

  •  I LOVE TO SPIN everything from Todays danceable hits  +

  •  Pop Rock Country and Hip Hop Classics from multiple decades + Spanish Language songs. (11 million songs are available!)

  • Is the "price the out the door" or will the DJ add "last minute costs" after you book? (We charge by the event and figure in mileage/planning time/setup and teardown BEFORE you book with no surprises).

  • Is lighting included? DJ Daniel says WE INCLUDE simple DJ dance area lighting for most events. We are mobile AZ Wide with Professional Sound Gear & have upgrades to new trendy “indoor uplighting” colored lights and many more upgrade options(Want to add indoor venue Bride Color theme uplighting later, yes, IT's OK to add upgrades even after you book). 

CALL 480-234-3181 or email right now for a 2 minute  "availabilty check" and/or pricing DJ quote :)

DJ Daniel 

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